All steps together to kick off!

The list of instructions to get a Full Woocommerce with thousands of products webshop running without the need of any coding!

Step 1 – Domain Registration & Hosting

There are many ways to run or let host Your WordPress Website. As well there are a lot of hosting services  being offered. In our examples we used Keurig Online for hosting our site. If You allready have a WordPress with woocommerce installation, You could directly use WooProductManager and connect it with Your WebShop.

Step 2 – Installatron Web Software steps

Once Logged in by the url Your provider gave You, navigate to “Installatron Applications Installer”  and continue to navigate “Applications browser”. You can Install WordPress, what will be done in seconds.

Step 3 – Prepare WordPress

Once WordPress is installed You can login to the WordPress backend. You can type /wp-admin behind Your domain to login under Your admin account. Navigate to “Plugins” and click “add new plugin” and install it.

Step 4 – Preparing API connection

Woocommerce installed, navigate to Woocommerce, settings menu at the left in Your WordPress Backend. Navigate to tab Advanced -> REST API. And generate an API key with Read/write permissions. Make sure You ENABLE LEGACY API.

The PERMALINKS (in settings menu WordPress) should be logically set to “Post Name“. By using other enpoint logics it possible wont work!

Use an SSL (https) certificate on Your domain to ensure the API is working correctly and secure. You can create a free certificate in Direct Admin or You can install a plugin named “Simple SSL

Step 5 – Connecting WooProduct Manager

Fill in Your domain and or / path to Your WordPress Installation and copy The Client Key and the Client secret into Your WooProductmanager Settings.

You’re Done, You Are ready to rock !

Step 6 – Getting the max out of Flatsome

Why we choosen this Flatsome theme is pure cause it will fullfill all Your wishes on Your webshop frontend. If You have any questions about controlling Your Webshop please visit their Youtube channel and check out How Flatsome can be controlled way easier then You possible thought. Check Here The Flatsome Video’s.