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If there are multiple questions asked at us, we will add them in our FAQ list below it can help you probably an answer.

Do I need to learn a programming language?

No programming skills are need to totally control a full Woocommerce webshop! If You want to develop custom features on Your webshop, we advise you to prepare Your PHP knowledge.

Will there be a version available for mac osx?

We also plan to have a macosx version available once we hit our sales target. Thank You for Your interests!

What is the duration of a license key when I bought it?

By default we have activation keys available for 1 year of usage but by default You can work with the free limited version too.

How can I expand my inventory with new brands?

Once You’re webshop is ready to import new inventory items. Get in contact with us by the contact form. We’re still working on our matrix 🙂

Is the shop compatible with different currencies?

Yes, in Woocommerce You can adjust everything to register a Webshop in Your country. You can totally setup Your shop to exclude or include specific countries.

How many products can I have on my Webshop?

There is no limit on products to use. Our advise is to keep Tyre shops under the 10k products. But as well we tested over 25K without any problem. The trick is reduce  attribute usage.  

What webhosting did we used for the demo ?

In the “Garage Talk” section we used Keurig Online   for hosting the site in the demo. By default This party is plug and play!

What WordPressTheme did we used in our demo?

We’re using one of the most flexible Theme there is to recieve our goals.The name is Flatsome and can be found here.

How many shops can I run with 1 activation license?

We’d like to follow up a fair use policy with a usage of 5 webshops. This includes Your development webshops or backups/clones.

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We’re working hard to get it perfect as it should work. By that there is always a risk that we need to fix possible issues and roll out updates.

Our development is depending of our targets, Whatever is need, we will always give support to our payed contributors during the license period.